Insurance Packages to Consider

by admin on September 18, 2011

There are a number of different insurance types you can choose from, ranging from home and auto insurance to property insurance, credit insurance, and liability insurance, among others. Generally, two main types of insurance coverage can be differentiated – personal and business insurance. If you are looking for a personal insurance, you may want to shop around for quotes and see what types fit your needs best.

Naturally, one of the places to look for insurance is your bank or some insurance company. If you are a client of the Bank of America, you can choose from a variety of insurance types, including home, renters & auto insurance, life insurance, credit protection, identity theft protection, as well as health savings accounts. If you choose the home owners & condo insurance, the coverage will help protect your property against financial loss due to a number of calamities. The homeowners policy may include coverage for any of the following events: water damage, wind and hail, freezing of plumbing, and fire and lightning. Other events your home may be covered for include smoke, structural collapse, and theft. Those who want to purchase life insurance policy will rest assured that their loved ones will be provided for. The Bank of America offers underwritten term life insurance, which is suited for those who need coverage over a fixed or short time period. This insurance comes with competitive rates and flexible terms. Identity theft protection is another insurance type to consider. You can choose from three varieties of insurance coverage – Privacy Assist, Privacy Assist Premier, and Privacy Assist Complete, each going with different benefits and perks. These include internet surveillance, public records profile, online credit analyzer tool, identity theft insurance, and much more.

People’s United Bank is another financial institution where you can shop for various types of insurance. You can choose from a number of insurance types, including life insurance, permanent life insurance, term life insurance, long term care, and others. Long term care is a good solution in case you are no longer capable of performing some daily activities like moving, dressing, or bathing. You may require assistance if you suffer from frailty, a stroke, an illness, or an injury. Long-term care may be required due to mental deterioration as well. Permanent life insurance comes with insurance coverage over your life time. When paying the premium, you are building cash, tax-deferred value until the moment you withdraw it. You may be receiving dividends and borrow from the money you have accumulated in order to pay for a vacation, new home, or college tuition. The premium is higher compared to the term insurance, but it does not increase. You are not required to re-qualify through a medical exam as well. Finally, you can opt for variable or fixed annuities. The experts at People’s Financial will assist you in determining if annuities are a good investment option considering your retirement goals, legacy plans, and income. Annuities come with tax advantages like tax-deferred growth, death benefit protection, and more.

Finally, you can look at the offers of the US Bank. The bank’s Direct to Consumer Insurance options include homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, personal life insurance, and home mortgage payment protection. The renters/ homeowner’s insurance, for example, insures against loss of personal items, such as furniture, jewelry, and clothing. The insurance also provides coverage for unattached structures such as garages and sheds, owned residencies, and personal property like furniture and electronics. If you have to move out due to covered repair, this insurance type offsets your living expenses as well.

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